April 17, 2013 | By: Cynthia Marcano

Review: Riding on Air by Maggie Gilbert

Riding On Air
Author - Maggie Gilbert
189 pages
Time It Took for to Read - 2 Weeks (From Chapter 5 on - 1 Day)
Rating - 4 out of 5 Stars

Suffering from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Melissa loves her horse more than anything. So much so that endures excruciating pain just to ride, train and compete with him. All too show off a horse that no one wanted, that she knows is so special. Add a hot Polocrosse player that she has been crushing for what seems like forever and some loyal friends and you are in the center of her world.

What I Loved....
I have a book crush on William! He is my absolutely my most favorite part of this book.

Chapter 6. I NEVER go back and check what chapter I am on, but I loved this chapter so much, I had to see. I don't reread books too often, but I would go back to this book just to read Chapter 6.

What I Liked....
Melissa is a believable teen. She's unsure of herself at times, hides things from her parents, doesn't want to be different, etc... even with her JRA I didn't feel pity for her. I saw her as a typical teen.

The book started out a little slow for me and for lack of a better description seemed so wordy. Where a few words would have sufficed, I found myself wanting to hurry and finish the sentence. I found myself saying, 'Okay I get it - Next.'

I don't know a single solitary thing about horses. I found all of the horse stuff making me want to skip (although I didn't). I thought to myself, how I wished I loved horses because the book would have been tailor made for me. But my lack of horse knowledge bogged down the very detailed horse portions of the book. There were times I felt like I was reading a different language.

A few profane words
No sex, but extreme making out
After Chapter 5, the book picks and is a page turner.

Disclaimer: I received this free eBook through NetGalley. I have read and reviewed this book as a personal choice and have received no compensation for this review. My review is my own opinion.


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Ooh this one sounds interesting :) It sounds good and all that horsey stuff I'll probably love :) Thanks for the review!

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