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Review: A Matter of Heart by Tracie Peterson

A Matter of Heart
Author - Tracie Peterson
Time It Took for to Read - 1 1/2 weeks
Rating - 3.5 out of 5 Stars
Would I Recommend: Maybe
Texas born and raised Jessica Atherton is a wealthy young woman whose heart was broken when the man she intended to marry wedded another. But her world is upended when two men come into her life and both manage to stir her heart. Harrison Gable is a rich young lawyer who intends to travel the world and live a life of opulence. His ambitions match Jessica's dreams, but her heart has begun to change.

Austin Todd, former Secret Service agent, enjoys working now as a Texas Ranger cattle inspector. But learning of forged gold certificates and missing printing plates, he's drawn back into the world of intrigue and agrees to help solve the case. Austin is well-thought-of and admired in the community. Jessica is drawn to his kind nature and the unspoken pain she sees in his eyes. Will Jessica choose financial security or follow her heart?

What I Loved...

I am a sucker for romance so the bits and pieces between Jessica and my favorite of the two beaus always drew me in. He was my favorite thing about this book.  A clue: she ends up with this beau!

What I Liked...

I always like reading about Texas Rangers and ranchers so this was a real treat and the added bonus of Secret Service agents in Historical Fiction that doesn't directly involve politcians was fun. I found myself drawn to Jessica and her new life and found her a believable character. I enjoyed reading about her.


The book started out slow for me, although that wasn't the reason it took me so long to read it. But on the other hand, had the book really drew me in I probably wouldn't have slept much in order to finish it. The end of the book did however draw me in and I finished the second half of the book in about 2 days.

I had a hard time following all of the characters at first, which was probably why it took a while for this book to get into my system, so to speak. It is part of a series and I would highly recommend reading those before reading this one and I can imagine it would be a better read that way. A good portion of the book involves the characters from the other books in the series as well as their storyline.

At times I felt like Jessica's story was more of a fill in rather the main story because at times the book seemed to be continuing on from the previous books in the series.

All in all, I think had I read the entire series, I would have greatly enjoyed the book.

By the way, I really like the covered.

My Character Images...

Harrison Gable
Austin Todd

October 20, 2014 | By: Cynthia Marcano

Review: Buttermilk Sky by Jan Watson

Buttermilk Sky
Author - Jan Watson
Time It Took for to Read - 3 Days
Rating - 3.75 out of 5 Stars
Would I Recommend: Probably Not
Weary of the expectations imposed on her by her strict upbringing, eighteen-year-old Mazy Pelfrey prepares to leave her home in the Kentucky mountains for the genteel city of Lexington, where she'll attend secretarial school. She knows her life is about to change--and only for the better. Everything will be blue skies from now on.But business school is harder than she thought it would be and the big city not as friendly, until she meets a charming young man from a wealthy family, Loyal Chambers. When Loyal sets his sights on her, Mazy begins to see that everything she'd ever wished to have is right before her eyes. The only hindrance to her budding romance is a former beau, Chanis Clay, the young sheriff she thought she'd left firmly behind.Danger rumbles like thunder on a high mountain ridge when Mazy's cosseted past collides with her clouded future and forces her to come to terms with what she really wants.

What I Loved...

I hardly ever read Historical Fiction that revolves around young adults actually being young adults. Lots of historical fiction novels may have young adult characters, but they are usually thrust into mature situations (death of parents, raising siblings, moving out west, marrying and raising families), so it was nice to read a historical fiction novel that was also like reading a YA novel. A very nice blend. It was different for me.

What I Liked...

Jan Watson did a good job of showcasing real yound adult/teenage problems in a way that wasn't childish or immature. It made the book more realistic to me as a reader, therefore making the characters more realistic to me as well.


I love the book cover! I took the book with me to my daughter's play rehearsal and sat quietly in the back of the sanctuary and read. A few people who passed notoced the cover an asked what I was reading. The cover peeked interest.

I can't quite put my finger on why I wasn't in love with this book. The plot fell flat for me. While I am used to reading from different POVs throughout the book, I found there was no connection between them in Buttermilk Sky. The opening storyline was interesting, but didn't have much to do with the main character.

I guess the story didn't flow and the storylines didn't mesh well.

My Character Images...

Chanis Clay
(with no spikes in his hair)

Loyal Chambers

Disclaimer: This book was provided by the publisher through Tyndale. The opinion of this book, is my own and I was not paid or compensated for for my review.
October 11, 2014 | By: Cynthia Marcano

Meet Bianca Marshal - The Heroine from The Covered Deep by Brandy Vallance

Meet Bianca Marshal

While reading The Covered Deep, I really liked the heroine Bianca Marshal. I could totally picture he and when I had the opportunity to interview her, I jumped at the chance. 

CFA: Hi Bianca. I am so excited that you could join me here at Christian Fiction Addict. What do you think of our modern technology?

Bianca: My goodness! I never would have imagined such things were possible! I thought hot water on the second floor was advanced. *Bianca continues to glance around in awe*

CFA: Like many of us, you are a romantic at heart and a lover of books. What is your absolute favorite book?

Bianca: Great Jehoshaphat! Can you choose just one? If so, that would be quite a feat, for I know you are a voracious reader as well. Perhaps we should discuss genre. Then I might be able to answer adequately. I know! *secret smile* My favorite book is Paul’s book on the Italian Renaissance. When he gave it to me, I was so overcome . . . *blushes* You know why. 

CFA: Bianca, please remind me to introduce you to Brandy Vallance. She is a modern author and I am sure you would just love her work. ;)

CFA: Now having traveled to our present day (the future for you), do you prefer the future, your present or would you go back in time if you could?

Bianca: Although your time is wonderful, there’s quite a lot of noise. I do believe time travel is most appealing. Egypt in the time of Moses, perhaps. Or maybe the Palace of Versailles in the time of the Sun King . . . Wouldn’t it be something to meet Mozart? Or Shakespeare?

CFA: I agree. Biblical times have always fascinated me. I would love to go back and meet Jesus in the flesh. Speaking of which...

CFA: Do you plan to revisit The Holy Land?

Bianca: What an interesting question. A certain someone and I have talked about it. *dramatic pause* Perhaps Paris is a better idea. 

CFA: Oui Oui, La la. The home of the Louvre.

CFA: Have you been to any museums lately? Which is your favorite and why?

Bianca: Being as how I live in London now, I was able to visit the South Kensington Museum just last week. I wandered there for hours and hours. To be so close to history . . . There’s just something about standing inches away from things held by emperors, kings, and queens. Of course, the British Museum will always hold a special place in my heart. And I do admit that it’s my absolute favorite museum in the world. But that might have something to do with a certain someone who works there. 

CFA: International gal. Sounds like an adventure.

CFA: I think you a brave woman Bianca. What is one of the scariest things you have had to endure, other than what happens in the book? I don’t want to spoil it for those who have not had the opportunity read it yet. 

Bianca: One of the most frightening things I’ve ever had to endure was seeing my country torn apart in the War of Rebellion. I was just a girl then, but some things you never forget. 

CFA: That must have been scary. We are so grateful for our military. War still plagues us, but we are fortunate to not have to endure it on American soil as you and your family have. 

CFA: How are your parents getting along these days?

Bianca: Well, there’s talk of them moving to England, actually. If Daddy can convince Mama. 

CFA: She'll be living in London in no time. Your dad has a way with words. I am sure that is one of the reasons you love him so. Speaking of love...

CFA: Any love advice for those looking for a handsome, humorous, Christ-believing, Bible quoting foreigner that’s a great kisser and will adore her?

Bianca: Sigh... Pray like there’s no tomorrow. As evidenced by my journey, those kind of men aren’t easily found. Don’t settle although everyone will try to convince you to do otherwise. You’ll know him when you see him—it might be something about his voice, or maybe the way you interpret a thousand things in his eyes. Mostly, hold on to Psalms 37:4, “Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” 

CFA: Wise words. Lastly, For all of the young women and maybe those who are not so young anymore, like me, what advice do you have about going after you want and achieving goals?

Bianca: When you have been redeemed by the One True Living God, there’s nothing you can’t conquer. God makes the impossible, possible. Everyone’s afraid, but they’ll rarely admit it. Sometimes fear is only the first doorway to our destiny. When I stepped on that ship in New York Harbor, you can bet your boots I was trembling. But I wanted God’s best for me, and I think that has to be fought for. 

CFA: Thank you so much Bianca. I am so happy to have met you.

Bianca: *Curtsies* It was my pleasure. Now, do you have any notion about how to get back to 1877? There’s someone I’m missing desperately.

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Brandy Vallance Interview & Giveaway

The Covered Deep Weekend continues!!! Read my interview below and be sure to come back tomorrow to meet Bianca Marshal, the heroine from The Covered Deep.

Brandy Vallance

Meet Brandy Vallance author of The Covered Deep! Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of getting to know her just a little bit better. She is a down to earth and gifted writer and I am so pleased that I was able to interview her and let you all in on how sweet she really is.

One of the best parts of being a review blogger is to discover new authors that quickly become a favorite and I had the opportunity a few months ago when I received an advanced review copy of The Covered Deep. I read it and loved it and sent my feedback quickly.
I was so excited when Brandy agreed to do an interview for Christian Fiction Addict & a giveaway of her debut novel The Covered Deep that releases Tuesday, October 14th. Here is my interview.

CFA: What inspired you to become a writer?

Brandy: Someone once said that if you read enough, eventually you’ll want to write a book of your own. I think my love of books just translated into wanting to write. 

CFA: Random Question! I have read that you are a tea addict. Do you eat scones and listen to classical music while sipping your black tea? If not, please tell us what you like to indulge in with your self-confessed tea addiction.

Brandy: Why, yes I do! Although I try to limit the scones to every now and again. You should see all the empty tea cups on my desk! Tea is basically the fodder for my imagination. I also like to eat Himalania Dark Chocolate Goji Berries while I write because they give me energy. Sometimes I eat walnuts, which is random. 

CFA: Is your pinky up while drinking said tea?

Brandy: Only on Thursdays. 

CFA: I think we covered tea thoroughly. Let us move along. Tell us about your home life.

Brandy: I live with my adventurous missionary husband, a debonair son who has adopted my love of all things British, my beautiful daughter who reminds me to never lose the wonder, a Great Dane whose teeth chatter during hailstorms, and a cat who weighs too much to be sensible. 

CFA: Random Question! I am going to go out on a limb and assume you like (maybe even love, like I do) Jane Austen’s books. Which is your favorite and why? 

Brandy: I do love Jane Austen! I’ll probably have to say Pride and Prejudice is my favorite. Although, I love Emma too! I kind of used to keep the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice on auto play. And, I was so inspired that I had to sew my own Regency dress. And, of course, I drank tea while wearing it. 

CFA: Congratulations as a debut author winning quite a few awards for The Covered Deep. I know you must be excited to debut the book. How has it been so far?

Brandy: It’s very surreal to finally see the thing you’ve dreamed about for so long. When the books were delivered to my house for my launch party, I was afraid to open the box. And then I was afraid to touch a book. When I held a copy of The Covered Deep in my hands, my entire body shook. Then, I was afraid to see the pages. That new book smell is something else when you wrote the words! Now, I have that first copy that I touched on my office desk and that’s where it will stay. 

Something that’s been extremely fun is people posting on my Facebook wall pictures of 
themselves holding the book. Today someone took a picture of themself holding the book on a plane! It’s so fun to wake up every day and see something new. People from my past and even complete strangers have been so supportive! 

CFA: Can you tell us a little about The Covered Deep, behind the scenes?

Brandy: A lot of research went into the book, including corresponding with the British Museum in London. In 2011 I was able to go to London and stand in the King’s Library in the British Museum where Paul and Bianca meet for the first time. That was an amazing moment. For subtle details, I read Victorian etiquette books, fashion books, nineteenth century traveling books, etc. 

As far as behind the scenes of the writing, you would have probably seen a lot of me talking to myself and acting things out to make sure I got the body language just right. Then you’d see me laugh at some things Bianca said. There’s one scene with Joshua Tabor that still makes me laugh like crazy. 

CFA: Who was your favorite character to write?

Brandy: Oh, my. That’s a hard question to answer. I love all of them. I think getting into Paul’s deep POV was the most intriguing. 

CFA: In my review, I added photos of how I pictured (more or less) the characters. Do you agree with my choices? It’s okay if you don’t...lol.

Brandy: It’s so much fun to see who you chose! Very close indeed! I chose Katie McGrath for Madeline and I went off an old photograph for Bianca. You can see the photograph on my Pinterest board. I never did find exact photos for the other characters. 

CFA: Really neat board. Katie McGrath is so much better than my choice!

CFA: In the book you describe, in much detail, The Holy Land. Have you ever been?

Brandy: Unfortunately not. It is a dream of mine to go someday. 

CFA: Random Question! I read that you traveled throughout some of Europe. Which country was your favorite?

Brandy: Why England, of course. Although Scotland is a close second. 

CFA: So I really really liked The Covered Deep, as you already know from my review. When can we expect your next book? I’m not a patient reader; especially when I like the author’s works!

Brandy: Awww! Thank you so much. You’re going to love my second book! It’s a Scottish romance with gypsies and an English Royal Horse Guard *swoon*. It’s not sold yet, but hopefully soon! 

CFA: Brandy, I thank you so much for taking the time to join me at Christian Fiction Addict. I wish you much success with The Covered Deep and beyond.

Brandy: It has been a pleasure. Thank you!

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October 10, 2014 | By: Cynthia Marcano

Review: The Covered Deep & Giveaway

The Covered Deep Weekend
Join me this weekend as Christian Fiction Addict Blog helps introduce a new Christian Fiction author...award winning author Brandy Vallance.
Reviews, Interviews & Giveaways.
Friday - Review & Giveaway Begins
Saturday - Author Brandy Vallance Interview & Giveaway Continues
Sunday - Bianca Marshal (Book Heroine) Interview & Giveaway Continues

The Covered Deep
Author - Brandy Vallance
Time It Took for to Read - 2 Days
Rating - 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Would I Recommend: Yes!
Bianca Marshal is holding out for the perfect husband. Finding a man that meets the requirements of her must-have list in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains has proven impossible. Bianca s mama insists that there s no such thing as a perfect true love, and that Bianca s ideal man is pure fiction. On the eve of her twenty-fifth birthday, Bianca discovers a devastating statistic: her chance of marrying is now only eighteen percent. Unwilling to accept spinsterhood, Bianca enters an essay contest that propels her into a whirlwind search for her soulmate. Via the opulence of London and the mysteries of the Holy Land, Bianca's true love will be revealed, but not without a heavy price.

What I Loved...

Boy oh boy, was this book something else! I loved how I was right in the thick of things emotionally with Bianca. I can't say too much else because I do not like to give away the plot, especially with a book like The Covered Deep. It's an emotional rollercoaster of a book. Oh yeah and lots of romance...my fave! Hoo-Rah!

What I Liked...

Just when I thought I knew what was coming, I was dead wrong. I like surprises and there were a few in store for the reader. While the gist of almost every romance is girl and boy fall in love with trouble mixed in and happily ever afters, sometimes the plots feel like a book I've already read or just so cliche. I am happy to say that The Covered Deep is none of the above...at least from my reading history. I also really liked the detail in which Jerusalem was described.


While I can't say that it started out slow (compared to other slow starting books), it did take me a bit to get into it but when I did, it was sweet sailing from there on out. The ending was great. I finished reading it about 2am and the following day, I got up and reread the ending just to make sure I hadn't dreamed it...lol. To my relief, it was all in there, page after page. So I know I am not the only one that does this (drop me a comment if you do this too), but whenever I get into a book (Chapter 3 or 4) I will go into Google and search for an image of the person I am picturing in my head. Yep, I'll type in a description of what I am picturing and search. I don't know why I do this - maybe it gives me a deeper connection to the characters, I honestly don't know why. If you decide to read this book, please let me know if you agree with my character images.

My Character Images...



Sir Adrian


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Disclaimer: This book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley. The opinion of this book, is my own and I was not paid or compensated for for my review.