About Me

Hi I'm Cynthia and aspiring and indie author. I live in New Jersey with my hubby and 2 children. I am a proud foster mommy and Jesus Freak! Woot Woot! I teach Christian curriculum courses to teen girls and love my students. They are my inspiration for writing.

I am a graphic designer by trade but have recently discovered a passion for writing. My first fiction novel genre (and for the foreseeable future) is YA Christian Fiction Romance. Yes, I just combined a bunch on genres but each genre is equally important in my writing, hence the mish mash genre. So you can take a peek at the My Books tab up there and read more about my books.

My reviews are from my own experience. I am sometimes given eBook or paperback versions of books from author or publishers. I was not paid for my review and do not accept payment for any reviews I make or post.


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