March 13, 2013 | By: Cynthia Marcano

Indie Life Wednesday

Hi! What a wonderful Wednesday!

My life as an indie writer is rather brand new, so I don't have much experience to speak of. I am learning how difficult it can be to do this but I am determined to give it my all.

I set out to write a Christian YA book for my students, due to the lack of clean books that they would enjoy and it is now a mission and a passion.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Independent Writers, me being one of them. I found a blog who shares the same love I do and immediately signed up to spread the word. Be sure to check out these fabulous writers!

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shelly said...

Glad to hear your keeping it clean. Mine is secular, but for the most part its clean. Marriage. Decisions. Following your own dreams. Learning about your own power within. Its paranormal and is a YA crossover.

I'm for things being clean as possible. Teens need to understand respecting yourself and others is the first step to love. Not the zipper to your pants.

Hugs and chocolate,

Found you through the Indie Life.

Cynthia Marcano said...

Hi Shelly! Thanks for the visit. Zipper your pants... love I am making my way down the list. Are you on it? If not, reply with your blog link. I'd love to take a look. I'd love to see your work.

Laura Pauling said...

Good luck on your mission! We have all the motivating passion that drove us to write!

Larry Kollar said...

Until you have it ready, you could point your students at G.P. Ching's "Soulkeepers" series. It's pretty awesome.

YA *should* be clean, IMO, even if it's secular. Mine (a YA fantasy) doesn't shy away from temptations that teens feel, but the two main characters at least make the right decisions even under pressure. I think if you ignore the "topic" completely, readers won't be able to identify. MG, geared to tweens, probably should ignore it though.

Saw your blog in the "now" stats. I hope my IndieLife post was helpful.

Cynthia Marcano said...

I completely agree!!!

Lauren said...

We all gain experience the same way--one day at a time.

I write clean adult fantasy, so I'm in a similar situation.

I noticed that you visited my blog earlier, before I had my Indie Life post up--come on back!


Sandra Almazan said...

Good luck with your writing endeavors!

Heidi Garrett said...

Cynthia, Having a mission and a passion is what it's all about:) The most exciting thing for me as an indie is being able to run with that passion. I grew up on the clean books of Tolkien and Lewis, and loved them, so I write that way, too. I confess, I also read some pretty seedy stuff when I was younger, too, but its LOTR and Narnia that have stayed with me;) Heidi

Cynthia Marcano said...

Thanks for visiting Lauren. I read your post and loved it!

Cynthia Marcano said...

Thanks and Happy Writing!

Cynthia Marcano said...

Hi Heidi. Thanks for visiting! Seedy Stuff huh?...funny.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! good for you!

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