March 4, 2013 | By: Cynthia Marcano

Double Crossed by Ally Carter

Title - Double Crossed
Author - Ally Carter
77 pages
Time It Took for to Read - 1 Day
Rating - 4 out 5 Stars

This was a sampler of Ally Carter writing. There are three stories in this sample book with the first being a complete mini story and the other two just samples. Each story focuses on a different Gallagher Girl and full of teen espionage and intrigue with parents, boys, friends and school all tossed in for balance and good measure.

First story was Society Heist where Macey, rich and privileged teen spy, meets handsome master thief Hale. They join forces to try and stop a band of men that take them hostage.

Story 2 - Meet Kat, Hale's girlfriend, sort of. Also a master thief and trying to start a different life. Set in a different time and place than Socirty Heist, get to know more about Kat.

Story 3 - Meet the Gallagher Girls- America's teen spy ring and their beginnings, their spy school. This is the introduction of these teen super spies. A get to know them snippet.

I liked each of the stories and the end of each was left wishing it was a full story. If spy thrillers, intrigue, flirting, wit and suspense are what you like, than this book will tease your palate and make you fan of Ally Carter.

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I received a free download from NetGalley and have not been compensated for my review. My review is my own opinion.


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This novel is so intricate, so compelling, and with such a complex world, it's astonishing. It would be a triumph for any writer, but even more so a triumph for a debut author. I cannot wait for the next installment.

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