January 6, 2015 | By: Cynthia Marcano

Review: A Steadfast Heart by Tracie Peterson

A Steadfast Heart
Author - Tracie Peterson
Rating - 3.5 out of 5 Stars
Would I Recommend: Not sure

Back Cover...

Lenore Fulcher isn't pretentious despite her spoiled upbringing. Her deepest desire at the age of twenty is to find true love. However, her father believes she's wasted enough time searching for a suitable husband, and he wants to marry her off to one of his business partners--thirty-seven-year-old James Rybus. But the idea of marriage to a man so much older is out of the question for Lenore.

Kolbein Booth, a lawyer from Chicago, arrives in Seattle looking for his headstrong sister who he believes may have answered an advertisement for mail-order brides. Sick with worry, he storms the Madison Bridal School, demanding to see his sister, only to learn she isn't there. But Lenore Fulcher is, and something about her captures his attention.

Is this the man Lenore has been searching for? She may not have long to find out...

What I Loved...

The character of Abrianna was refreshing and fun to read. Loved her!

What I Liked...

I have recently read another book that takes place near Seattle in the same time period where the men are buying wives etc, etc, etc... I had never heard of this before and in the span of two weeks I came across two books that have a similar background for its plot. Steadfast Heart took a completely different approach than A Bride In The Bargain by Deeanne Gist which I was very happy with. I liked ABITB by Gist and feared that reading a very similar story would have been boring so close together, but I was able to read it without any further coincidence in the plot.


I wasn't too fond of the cover. She looks sort of depressed. Anyway, I actually only gave this book 3.5 stars because the first half of the book contains more of the character Abrianna than it did Lenore. Actually the whole book does. I was bored reading about Lenore. At one point I thought the back cover was wrong and Kolbien and Abrianna were the main characters.

I would recommend the book because I truly enjoyed Abrianna's story that has yet to continue in the next book. I feel a little manipulated cheated.  This book is supposed to center around Lenore and Kolbien and it actually didn't and most of the time was an afterthought. I feel like Peterson couldn't deliver two fantastic storylines at the same time. Lenore and Kolbien's story was boring, unfulfilling, unromantic (if that is a word) and just a filler for Abrianna's story.

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Disclaimer: This book was provided by the publisher through Netgalley. The opinion of this book, is my own and I was not paid or compensated for for my review.


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