December 3, 2014 | By: Cynthia Marcano

Review: A Most Inconvenient Marriage by Regina Jennings

A Most Inconvenient Marriage
Author - Regina Jennings
Rating - 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Would I Recommend: Yes

Back Cover...

Having fled a difficult home life, Civil War nurse Abigail Stuart feels like her only friend in the world is sweet but gravely wounded patient Jeremiah Calhoun. Fearing he won't survive, the Confederate soldier's last wish is that Abigail look after his sickly sister at home. Marry him, return to his horse farm, and it'll be hers.

Left with few choices, Abigail takes him up on his offer and moves to Missouri after his death, but just as the family learns to accept her, the real Jeremiah Calhoun appears--puzzled to find a confounding woman posing as his wife. Jeremiah is determined to have his life back to how it was before the war, but his own wounds limit what he can do on his own. Still not fully convinced Abigail isn't duping him, he's left with no choice but to let the woman stay and help--not admitting to himself she may provide the healing his entire family needs.

What I Loved...

I loved both main characters Abigail and Jeremiah. The chemistry between the two is powerful and I loved every minute of the two characters together. Lots of banter and sparks.

From the very beginning of this book, the story unfolded nicely and left me desiring to finish it quickly. I could vividly picture the scenes and people in my head. Regina Jennings did a wonderful job transporting me directly into the mist of the at the Calhoun farm. I was sad when the book ended.

What I Liked...

Each character unique and charming in their own way. Each character took on he responsibility to draw a different emotion from the reader and I believe it was executed nicely. The funny and mischievous kids were a riot, the grumpy sister made you love and hate her, the doting mother was loving, etc... and together made a collection of lovable characters for a lovable story.  All of the characters felt so real to me and for a short while I felt like part of their era.


I love the cover of the book. However I admit that I first I found it didn't match the story. The beginning of the book was a little heavy and the cover so playful. However it didn't take long to catch up to the cover and was a perfect match throughout the rest of the book.

Character Images...

Jeremiah Calhoun

Yes, this is Victoria
Justice, BUT I did
not picture her
exactly, She was
the closest to how
I imagined

Dr. Hopkins
I also pictured him
tall and slender

Disclaimer: This book was provided by the publisher through Netgalley. The opinion of this book, is my own and I was not paid or compensated for for my review.


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