July 1, 2015 | By: Cynthia Marcano

Beyond The Ashes by Karen Barnett

Beyond The Ashes
Author - Karen Barnett
Rating - 2.5 out of 5 Stars
Would I Recommend: Not Really

Back Cover...

Where better to rebuild and face one’s fears than in 1906 San Francisco, a city rising from the ashes? Ruby Marshall, a young widow, is certain she’ll discover new purpose assisting her brother Robert with his cancer research, but she doesn’t anticipate finding new love. Dr. Gerald Larkspur dreams of filling his empty home with family, but he’d always hoped it would be a wife and children. In the aftermath of the great earthquake, the rooms are overflowing with extended family and friends left homeless by the disaster. When Robert’s widowed sister arrives, the close quarters seem close indeed. Ruby and Gerald’s fledgling romance is put at risk when Gerald develops symptoms of the very disease they’re striving to cure. Together they must ask—is it worth a second chance at love when time might be short?

What I Loved...

Most of the books I read have a strapping, manly hero and that isn't a complaint! I love me a brooding, flirty, fierce and strong hero. But every now and then and if written the right away, a "Nerdy" hero can make me love a book. Such is the case with Dr. Gerald Larkspur. Let me clarify a bit. He isn't the clumsy, bumbling, fool kind of a nerd. Nope, he is a smart, not quite so flirty, a little of unsure of himself but not necessarily shy, but loving hero and my favorite character from Beyond The Ashes. A Dr. McDreamy if you will.

What I Liked...

The family dynamic of Beyond The Ashes is quite sweet and funny. A house full of women, is always a riot and or dramatic. Either way, it makes for good reading.


Ruby Marshall if the heroine of this book. I have found that no matter how much I can like every other aspect of a book, if I am not fond of the heroine, I end up not being too fond of the book as a whole. Such is the case with Beyond The Ashes. Couple that with the fact that I didn't read the first book in the series, although this is a stand alone book, I didn't come into the series loving the characters. I would like to hpe that I having read Out Of The Ruins, that perhaps I would have liked this book better. As it stands, I am not a fan of Beyond The Ashes.

Disclaimer: This book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley. The opinion of this book, is my own and I was not paid or compensated for for my review.


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