June 6, 2014 | By: Cynthia Marcano

Review: Here To Stay by Melissa Tagg

Here To Stay
Author - Melissa Tagg
Time It Took for to Read - 2 Days
Rating - 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Would I Recommend:Yes
Blake Hunziker has played nomad for five years and landed in his fair share of trouble too. But now he's finally returning to his hometown--the Lake Michigan tourist town of Whisper Shore.

Autumn Kingsley, inn owner and experienced organizer of the Christmas festival, has always dreamed of traveling the world. 

Their families have a long history of not getting along, but when Blake comes to Autumn for help with the festival, she actually agrees...in exchange for his help with the repairs to her inn. They may have struck a simple deal, but complications are quick to pile on when the guy who's had enough of running away and the woman who can't wait to leave join forces.

What I Loved...

Blake & Autumn have wonderful chemistry. It isn't forced and I found myself rooting for both of them. I fell in love with the Inn and want to visit their cute town.

What I Liked...

Harry is a totally adorable character and he is a great addition to the story. He added another flavor to the story. I am all about the swoon complimented with the funny.

Harry helped keep the book going with the comedy. I also liked the down syndrome character Lucy.


The cover of this book didn't attract me to it right away and I can't pinpoint why. I read it anyway and I truly cannot judge a book by its cover. I am happy I took a chance on it. I did want to say that after having read the book, the cover should have had snow not leaves. Other than that it suits the book well.


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