November 14, 2016 | By: Cynthia Marcano

Help Me Choose A Cover!


Cover 1

Cover 2

Cover 3

I can't decide which cover!!! Help!

This January I am releasing my third and final book in the Spring Love Series, He Has Her Heart. Over the past few months, I've looked over all of the covers I created (there were lots) many, many, many times, and these were the three final covers I was super happy with. HOWEVER, I can't decide which one I like most to make the FINAL cover.

So I figured to take a step back and let you all help me out. So, please help me choose a cover! I've waited too long already. Yes, I am resorting to begging. These are the finalists but BEFORE you decide your favorite, please read the blurb beneath AND consider the two previous covers before casting your vote.

Blurb: Dream Collins has always lived in a world all her own, never afraid to grab it by the horns. Her only unconquered feat is winning over her future husband, and best friend's brother, Max Davidson, the stubborn man she has pined for since high school. 

When life throws her a few curveballs, can she depend on the God she has loved all her life to sort out the mess and deliver her promised future?

At twenty-six, Max Davidson is ready to leave bachelorhood behind, settle down with the right woman, and begin a family. If his father's early death is any indicator, life is too short to waste, and he has not a minute to lose.

No matter what his heart desires, the odd Dream Collins will never be a suitable wife. Now if he could only re-train his uncooperative heart to release the hold it has on her, he could focus on building a life and legacy that his father would be proud of. 

"I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord. They are plans for peace and not disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope". Jeremiah 29:11 (GW)

Previous Covers

Eyes on Him

Hand In His

*Note - Hand In His Cover has since been recolored to match Eyes on Him and He Has Her Heart.

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Which cover should I use?

Cover 1
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Cover 3
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November 11, 2016 | By: Cynthia Marcano

Unwritten Melody by Tessa Emily Hall Blog Tour

Unwritten Melody Blog Tour

Thanks for joining us for the Unwritten Melody Blog Tour. In addition to a review of Unwritten Melody, you will get to know a little more about author, Tessa Emily Hall, have an opportunity to enter a fantastic giveaway AND follow the road map to all the other great blogs participating in the tour. Along the way, you'll get to read an excerpt of the book, interviews with Tessa, guest posts and more! Ready? Let's go!!

Does breaking free require breaking the rules?

Cassie Gilbert lives every day in the shadows of her deceased mom’s rebellion. But now that she’s seventeen, she finds herself longing to break away from her grandmother’s suffocating rules, experience what it’s like to be a regular teenager, and fulfill her songwriting dreams.

James Russo, former American Spotlight contestant, escapes to small town Willow Creek, SC hoping to flee from his tarnished past. When a school project pairs him with the shy principal’s granddaughter, he’s determined to get to know this Emily-Dickinson- obsessed and typewriter-using girl. His plan?

Convince Cassie to co-write songs for his demo album. As Cassie gets to know James over “project meetings” (more like opportunities to match her lyrics with his melodies), she becomes intrigued by his sense of adventure and contagious passion for music. But soon, his past becomes exposed. Cassie’s left to wonder—did she make the same mistake Mom did by falling for the bad boy?

Then, Grandma’s control pushes her over the edge. Cassie must choose between remaining in the chains of yesterday, or delving into her own freedom by completing the melody her mom left behind.


What I Loved...

A fiction novel that can stir so many emotions is always a great read to me. Author, Tessa Hall, does exactly that. I felt like a teenager again with all of the emotions I experienced reading Unwritten Melody. The angst of a falling in love. The struggle with parents holding on to tight. The comfort of good friends. The hope of a future and your dreams. Unwritten Melody captures life as a high schooler so nicely.

Of course, I am a sucker for romance, so I loved that part too!

What I Liked...

As I was reading Unwritten Melody, I could totally picture this as a teen drama. In fact, it reminded me a little of the show, My So Called Life featuring Claire Danes and Jared Leto.

As a mother of a daughter entering her teen years, this was a bit of eye opener for me. I think the more a person grows, we can tend to forget how it was to be a teenager. It's hard! I believe teens will relate so much to this book. I like that's its deep, with layers, touching many subjects. Bullying, parent & child relationships and other topics I don't want to mention as to not ruin the book, but lots of topics teens can relate to but are overwhlemed with. Nice job by Tessa incorporating it all nicely without overkill.


As a parent, I found myself agreeing with Grandma a few times...BUT I must admit that with a daughter entering her teenage years, my eyes were opened to the effects of being too overprotective. So, while this book is geared toward a younger audience, I can honestly say that it was a beneficial read for me too.

Rating: 4 Stars - I recommend this book to readers of all ages.


Tessa Emily Hall writes inspirational yet authentic YA fiction to show others they’re not alone—and because she remembers the teen life like it was yesterday (or a few years ago). The debut novel she wrote at 16-years-old, PURPLE MOON (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas) was a Selah 2014 Finalist. Her second novel, UNWRITTEN MELODY, releases with Clean Reads November 2016. She’s the Founder of, a magazine that inspires teens to embrace their calling. Tessa also enjoys helping writers achieve their dreams through her internship at Hartline Literary Agency.

When her fingers aren’t flying 116 WPM across the keyboard, Tessa can be found making healthy homemade lattes, speaking to teens, decorating her insulin pump, and acting in Christian films. She writes in a small town nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains and Southeastern coast. Her favorite way to procrastinate is by connecting with readers on her blog, mailing list, social media (@tessaemilyhall), and website.

à Connect With Tessa


Enter for your chance to win the Unwritten Melody Prize Pack! Two winners will be selected and announced on Tessa’s blog the final day of tour (Friday, December 9th) and will be notified via email.

This prize pack includes…
· E-copy of Unwritten Melody
· Signed paperback copy of Purple Moon
· Unwritten Melody mug, filled with goodies
· Unwritten Melody swag, including a bookmark, pen, and poster
· Starbucks mocha flavored instant coffee
· Free Unwritten Melody: Page-By-Page Secrets PDF
· Handmade journal
· Typewritten thank you note

*This giveaway is open to the US only

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Don’t miss the next blog tour stop! Be sure to visit the following blogs on its designated tour date. You can also email tessaemilyhall (at) gmail (dot) com and request to receive the Blog Tour Packet. At the end of the tour, Tessa will send you the downloadable PDF that will contain all of the content from each blog tour stop.

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Wed., November 16 – Girl Meets Publishing World
Thurs., November 17 - Anna Schaeffer
Fri., November 18 – Ramblings of a Writer
Mon., November 21 - Naomi and Books
Tues., November 22 – Reading is My Superpower
Wed., November 23 – Zerina Blossom’s Books
Thurs., November 24 - Jennifer Slattery Lives Out Loud
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Tues., December 6 – The Destiny of One
Wed., December 7 - Catherine Castle
Thurs., December 8 - Rachelle Rea Cobb
Fri., December 9 – Leslie L. Mckee

Disclaimer: This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. The opinion of this book, is my own and I was not paid or compensated for my review.

November 1, 2016 | By: Cynthia Marcano

New Year, New Blog!

Hello Beautiful Subscribers!

In an effort to simply my life, I'm moving and I want you to come with me! Beginning January 1, 2017, I will no longer be adding reviews HERE at Christian Teen/Christian Fiction Addict but instead on my new blog!

My new blog will have a page dedicated for reviewers to add a link to THEIR reviews. Once a month or so I will feature Meet The Cast where I show you what famous actors I would like to see cast in our favorite Christian Fiction Book if it ever became a movie. And of course, book reviews! 

As a matter, I've already a few, so please head on over and SUBSCRIBE! I appreciate you all and hope you make the jump with me.

Times change and I aim to move with them? You coming?